The delivery/pickup times for Wednesday April 8th are 5pm-9pm.

First things first: Our opening of this new service was a big hit! We are so thankful to all of you for keeping the Knomad going, supporting our staff, and the spirit(s?) of the Knomad alive!

You can order your drink-making kits and an assortment of alcohol choices which you can pick up curbside or have delivered right to your door!  All our employees are following strict guidelines for cleanliness to ensure that neither you nor they get sick.

Funds of all sales go to the Knomad bar. All gratuities go to the delivery driver. Deliveries must be within a 4-mile radius of the Knomad bar. All items are while supplies last.

Keep checking back as we will be changing our options, offering new combinations, and more!



Curbside/Delivery Menu

**All Purchases Must Include a Pizza – Cheese or Pepperoni- $10.00**

Meat Thins

Drink-Making Kits

Kit #1 – $50
A Bottle of Tequila Espolon Blanco.
4 pack of Fever-Tree soda water or Pineapple, Cranberry, or Orange juices.
Kit #2 – $30
A bottle of TW Samuels Bourbon
6 Pack of Lone Star
Kit #3 – $40
A Bottle of Deep Eddy Lemon, Sweet Tea, Cranberry, or Grapefruit.
A four pack of Fever Tree soda water.
Kit #4 – $35
A bottle of Monopolowa vodka
A four pack of Waterloo soda water (cherry) or regular Fever Tree Soda Water.
Kit #5 – $30
2 Bottles of Wycliff Champagne
Choice of orange, pineapple, or cranberry juice.
Kit #6 – $40
A bottle of Jack Daniels or Jim Beam.
4 pack of Coke or Sprite.
Kit #7 – $45
A Bottle of Tanqueray Gin.</br />A choice of Orange, Cranberry, or Grapefruit juice or a 4 pack of Fever Dream Club Soda.
Kit #8 – $40
A Bottle of New Amsterdam Gin.
A choice of Orange, Cranberry, or Grapefruit juice or a 4 pack of Fever Dream Club Soda.
Kit #9 – $25
A Bottle of any well liquor: TW Samuels, Taaka Vodka, Taaka Gin, Ron Rio Rum (dark or white).
4 pack of Coke or Sprite.

Just The Bottle

Tullamore Dew: $40 Fireball: $30
TW Samuels Bourbon: $15 Jack Daniels: $40
Jamesons $50

Bottles and Cans

White Claw 12PK $25 Lime, Black Cherry, or Mango
Domestic Beer 6PK $12 Lone Star, Bud, Bud Light, Michelob Ultra, Shiner
Premium/Imported Beer 6 PK $18 Dos Equis Lager, Pearl Snap, Peacemaker, Stella Artois, Omission Lager (gluten-free), Deschutes Fresh Squeezed IPA, June Shine Hard Kombucha

Wine Bottles – $15

Reds Whites
Alamos Malbec
Circus Circus Syrah
Woodwork Pinot Noir
Uppercut Sauvignon Blanc
Barone Fini Pinot Grigio
Casal Garcia Vinho Verde

Tanks & Tees

Help show your love and support for the Knomad by picking up one of our T-shirts!
We have Racerback Tank-tops and T-shirts available in sizes Small, Medium, and Large and XL for Tees. $20.00 per shirt.

**All Purchases Must Include a Pizza – Cheese or Pepperoni – $10.00**

You can place orders at 512-628-4288 and we can take credit cards or you can use our Venmo link to pay. Please be extremely specific with your order with your name, address for delivery, time (if you want it delivered later), and items wanted. Don’t forget, every order must include either one of our pizzas or a breakfast sandwich order.

Knomad Venmo