Hip Joints

Funk & Soul in ATX

Satellite Fest!

The Indie record label Satellite Communications presents three of their acts at the Knomad bar! Jay Satellite Telekhines Jason L. Clark

Longhorns vs Sooners

We will be opening early to show this game on our big screens so we can support Texas!

Pocket FishRmen Fish Fry

Hey friends, the Fish Fry is coming up October 8th at the Nomad Bar! At 2 pm we have the Discount Pills, always a great deal! At 2 pm say hi to the Jukicola! 3 pm brings Daddy Swamp Ass! […]

Blynd Birds and Miss Guilty

********BLYND BIRDS After growing tired of playing loud indie rock to the general masses, lead singer and guitarist Jared Blair hatched Blynd Birds in 2016, a rock & roll trio with a badass bass player (Rachel Allred) and a powerful […]

The Light Aluminum

The world has seven wonders and, now, the greatest wonder is in Uncle Sam's fair land. Yes, truly The Light Aluminum stand right beside chrome and manganese as among the most magnificent products of this American experiment. Made up of Adoniram Lipton, Josh Wienholt, Mike […]

The Transgressors

Telecaster-driven Texas noir from Austin, TX with roots firmly planted in West Texas rock and roll, East Texas country, and Austin psych. Much like the outlaw country stars of the 70s who found a way to bring together the hippies […]

Clubber Lang

Clubber Lang is an Austin 90s Hard Rock Cover Band, but is open to cover any hard rocking tune that has a good groove. Founder Mark Acosta (drummer) back in early 2015 decided he wanted to form a good hard […]