Sam Arnold’s Jazz Peturbers

Sam Arnold is a Musician Living in Austin Texas. He does many kinds of music, mostly using guitars, basses, voices, computers and amazing collaborators.

The New Saw Horses

The New Saw Horses play originals and covers in American roots, British Invasion rock, and Celtic Folk styles. They feature Grammy-nominated guitarist Scott Spencer and longtime Eggmen bass guitarist Ronn Roberts. Scott is a fourth generation musician and fifth generation […]

Side Saddles

The Side Saddles is a queer country music band out of Austin, Texas. We do dive bars, clubs, dancehalls, weddings and other events. Enjoy gender bending takes on all the hits with a few hits of our own! #queercountry#blm

Watch USA vs Netherlands at the Knomad

Get on over to the Knomad bar early on Saturday because at 9am we are opening to watch the USA take on the Netherlands in the World Cup on all our screens!

Miss Guilty

Garage punk or dirty, vintage garage rock, however you call it - five women coming together to play kick-ass music. Sax, guitar, melodica, bass, drums, and a lotta vocal power. Miss Guilty is an all-female band based out of Austin, […]

Höermann’s Knomad Brunch

Höermann's Fine Meats & Provisions presents the Knomad Sunday brunch. Come hungry and get your brunch on tomorrow, 11am 'til 3p, but when it goes, it's gone!! ........... So come early! Like,1p.. or 12p for you over achievers! ........... $15.25: […]

The Light Aluminum

The world has seven wonders and, now, the greatest wonder is in Uncle Sam's fair land. Yes, truly The Light Aluminum stand right beside chrome and manganese as among the most magnificent products of this American experiment. Made up of Adoniram Lipton, Josh Wienholt, Mike […]