A Plethora of Movies For Sale

Our resident professional film critic (yeah, we have one of those) is selling off a lot of his collection of home release movies and tv shows. Come check out the stage where he'll be selling off 4ks, Blu-Rays, and DVDs […]

Havana Syndrome – Live

Havana Syndrome is the new collaboration by songwriter and multi-instrumentalist Stephen Bres and guitarist and songwriter Chris Kountoupis.  Havana Syndrome is dense psychedelic-pop music constructed with strange vocal harmonies, complex layers of counter melodies, and hypnotic polyrhythmic tracks.  The full-length LP that was planned for release […]

Groove Think Live

Groove Think is an innovative rock trio based in Austin, TX. Fusing progressive rock with elements of groove metal, funk, and jazz, they put on an energetic live performance that will make your head bang and set your feet to […]

Brian Scartocci Live

Brian Scartocci - a retro-soul phenomenon - is called to return to his roots. Scartocci is able to tap into the depths of the voice to bring you to a place that is warmly familiar, yet still unexplored and intriguing. […]

Buffalo Sons Live

Inspired by the early and not so early legends of the rock and roll world. Buffalo Sons rises from Austin, Texas to create songs that move you both physically and emotionally. Buffalo Sons offers great guitar driven rock and roll […]

Miles Per Hour Live

Slow-core for adult stoner alcoholics by adult stoner alcoholics. All spectrums welcomed. LIVE AT THE KNOMAD

Shane Bartell Live

With his trademark blend of tense guitar, spiraling keyboards, and twittering drums, Bartell’s songs are decidedly difficult to pin down, twisting and squirming into new, dynamic shapes, re-inventing themselves with each subsequent listen. Citing a bevy of eclectic influences (from […]

Wings, Sliders, and Football

Since we all want to see that Cowboys vs Buccaneers game, the first game of the season, the Knomad will be showing it on all our projection screens and will be offering $15 bud light buckets and a buffet of […]

Belladonna Theory Live

Belladonna Theory - a new band project featuring David Kash, Saxy Thomas, Breezy, Tre Guzardo, Patrick Mccorkindale and their new member Matthew James Butler.

Knomad Mimosa Brunch

Featuring the live music of Nathan Harlan. Come enjoy our fantastic brunch buffet! This time we’re having sausage,eggs,bacon, hash browns, & biscuits. There will be a French toast station where our chef, Erika, will be cooking the French toast to […]